The wait is over for the new season multi-award-winning Achill Mountain Lamb.

It is now available to order direct with nationwide delivery from Calvey’s on-farm abattoir butcher shop in Keel on Achill Island, Co. Mayo.

Calveys are a large family on Achill Island, Co. Mayo where farmers rear flocks of mountain sheep living outdoors in the open and the wild. The flocks graze on heather hill tops and rocky sea shores abundant with seaweeds and on everything in between. First reared on mother’s milk, the lambs spend months feeding on the island’s rich rough pastures and then they are simply walked to Calvey’s abattoir at Keel. That means minimum stress and maximum taste. They are processed and butchered on-farm using old fashioned traditional methods where almost everything is done by hand. The whole process takes place at Calvey’s on Achill Island. Delivered to your door from Achill Island, throughout the island of Ireland.

Calvey’s, Achill Mountain Lamb, Salt Marsh Lamb and Mutton are adorned with accolades and top awards including an Irish Food Writer’s Guild Award, Blas na hEireann Gold Award, Farming For Nature National Award, signs of true provenance and superb quality. When cooked Achill Mountain Lamb is succulent and juicy, bursting with the exquisite colourful flavours of mountains, cliffs and rocky seaweed shores. This exquisite lamb meat is a premier product but it doesn’t come at a premium price. Top chefs across Ireland like Philippe Farineau at Ashford Castle use it but so too do hundreds of home cooks who make the most of every cut they are sent fresh and freezer ready in a chilled bio-degradeable box.

You can order online or telephone Grainne (098) 431 58 When you order Calvey’s prepare and butcher for you, all labelled and packed ready for your deep freezer. The meat is delivered fresh not frozen with no preservatives, additives or colourants, there’s purity in its perfection. Delivery to your door everywhere on the Island of Ireland. The time span between ordering and delivery may vary according to seasonality and availability. Please order in plenty of time.

When you are visiting Achill Island you can also visit Calvey’s Farmstore and Butcher Shop in Keel to buy or order.

With loads of easy to cook recipes included in a special recipe booklet and on their website all you have to do is cook it because Calvey’s, they do all the rest.

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