Towards the end of March, FFT was invited to visit Capic in Quimper, on the most westerly tip of France. The locals would call this Brittany, not France, and the name Quimper comes from the Breton word kemper, meaning confluence, as it sits on the meeting of the Steir, Odet & Jet rivers. You might think there are enough bridges over the Liffey these days, but Quimper has over 40.

Quimper, in Britanny.

Capic (you do pronounce the final c), are a manufacturer of professional and industrial cooking appliances. They are in business since 1955 and remain family-owned to this day. Having justifiable confidence in their business and its products, they’ve recently made significant investment to consolidate 2 separate production facilities into one state-of-the-art 16,000 square metre facility.

An important employer locally, they go through over 800 tons of stainless steel a year, with everything that does not leave as a finished product getting recycled and sent back to them.

Capic’s state of the art, 16,000sq m facility.

Today they are selling to over 2000 distributors in 60 countries around the world.

Capic’s range covers everything from compact restaurant solutions to enormous commercial food production equipment. Some of their most appealing products are perhaps the tailor made central islands. These are quite stunning and the company remains one of the few in the world that still insists on using 3mm thick stainless steel. The lifetime of their products is therefore far greater than many of the other options on the market today. In fact, there are restaurants in France that still feature appliances Capic installed in the 50s.

Whilst delighted to design and assemble bespoke kitchens they do also have a wide range of off-the-shelf appliances. For example, they are the first French manufacturer to design a new Smart 130 electric fryer dedicated to fast food chains. Equipped with two independent tanks (allowing for four independent automatic baskets) of 23 litres each this fryer has a production capacity of 130kg per hour. Getting to 180°C in only six minutes, the fryers allow for complete automation, automatic filtration and oil level adjustment.


Capic’s Smart 130 electric fryer.

On the larger-scale side of things, their new Plasma bratt pan is an indispensable appliance for commercial operators. The pan achieves a temperature of 200°C in only four minutes as a result of a new ultra high efficiency electric heating body that Capic have patented. Fully programmable, with a capacity of 110 litres, electric tilting and tank drainage at 340mm from the height of the floor, this appliance is ideal for poaching, sauteing, cooking and simmering.


The Plasma bratt pan achieves a temperature of 200°C in only four minutes.

We’ll hear more from Capic in the coming months, but if you are in Brittany do call into them. And if you’re looking for somewhere to eat, try Le Bistro du Bac, 19 rue du bac, 29120 Sainte-Marine. Capic very kindly brought us there and the food, and the setting, were sublime.

Foie Gras featuring the grande cuisine Lego men.

The view from the restaurant, and fellow visitor, Stephen Hobbs, MD of

Capic +33 6 65 75 84 23

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