French cookware manufacturer Cristel has launched a new range of professional level saucepans, stew pots, large cooking pots, shallow sauté pans and frying pans.

Designed in collaboration with some of France’s best known chefs, the Castel’Pro range provides an outstanding level of response, giving chefs accurate control on any cooking surface or in any oven.

Castel’Pro cookware features five ply fabrication, produced using a layered combination of 18/10 stainless steel, aluminium and induction stainless steel. This patented process has resulted in the most lightweight five ply cookware available on the market.

The cookware’s thermo-diffusing properties allow heat to transfer rapidly and evenly without the formation of any hot spots. When removed from the heat source, cooling is equally fast.

Other features common to Castel’Pro include:

  • Wide, accurate pouring rims preventing drips or spillages that could result in burning and oxidisation
  • Cast, stainless steel handles that stay cool and are ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip
  • Handles that are riveted and welded for maximum durability and are able to withstand the most intense use
  • Rounded pans that allow easy access to every part, even with a whisk, meaning that the most delicate sauces and mixtures can be made in them
  • Durable fabrication that will hold its shape in the most demanding conditions

Castel’Pro is available for next day delivery exclusively from KitchenLab UK.

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