Musgrave MarketPlace has teamed up with TU Dublin, Ireland’s first Technological University, to help fund and support TU Dublin’s “Transforming Tomorrow” Campaign to the tune of €350,000.

TU Dublin is an exciting new milestone in Irish higher education. With campuses in Dublin City, Tallaght and Blanchardstown, it spans the largest population centres of Ireland’s capital City. Building on the rich heritage of its founding organisations – Dublin Institute of  Technology or DIT, IT Blanchardstown and IT Tallaght – this new TU Dublin will create educational opportunities for students at all stages.

TU Dublin offers an inclusive and open learning experience with pathways to graduation, from apprenticeship to PhD. With 28,500 students, it is the largest University in Ireland with a focus on practice-based education informed by the latest research and enabled by technological advances.

Musgrave MarketPlace is supporting TU Dublin with a donation of €350,000 to support the “Transforming Tomorrow” Campaign, which will create a centre of excellence for Ireland’s food and drink sector at their new campus at Grangegorman. The investment is part of

Musgrave MarketPlace’s ongoing commitment to supporting the progression of the Irish food sector and investing in up-and-coming chefs and future leaders of the food industry.

Thelma Dunster is a 4th year BSc Culinary Entrepreneurship student, and has benefitted from the Musgrave association with TU Dublin. “From the initial selection for interview to then being awarded the title of the ‘Musgrave Best Overall 3rd Year Culinary Entrepreneurship Student 2017’ it was a complete surprise and great pleasure,” she said.

“Starting my final year with this title as acknowledgment of my hard work and passion for the course, really made it much easier to give one hundred percent to my studies. My goal upon completion is to have an opportunity to work with an industry leader such as Musgrave.

As part of the Musgrave MarketPlace Scholarship Programme, students have the opportunity to have their college fees covered to the value of €3,000 on an annual basis.  This is something that can have a hugely positive effect on students taking part in the scholarship programme, allowing them to better concentrate on their studies without the financial worries so often associated with university education.

“Having been awarded my full college fees for my fourth and final year is the best thing that I ever could have gotten. I’ve been independently paying my college fees each year and it is a wonderful gift that I was awarded such significant support. I can only imagine that my final year will be very stressful and the relief that I don’t have to worry about working overtime or when I should be studying makes me so happy. It has been a tremendous honour winning this award and it shows working hard doesn’t go unnoticed,” said Ellen Cavanagh, a 3rd year BSc Culinary Entrepreneurship student.

The School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology at TU Dublin comprises over 11 different full and part-time courses, hosting over 900 students and is currently the largest Culinary School in Europe. 33% of this intake is focused on future chefs, which is extremely important given the skills shortage facing the industry in Ireland at this time.

The investment supports two key initiatives:

The Musgrave MarketPlace Scholarship Programme
The Scholarship Programme recognises eight high-achieving students studying for Bachelor of Arts Culinary Arts honours degrees and Bachelor of Science Culinary Entrepreneurship honours degrees. Each scholarship is valued at €3,000 and the scholarships are funded on an annual basis. Upon completion of college, individuals are also given the opportunity to partake in an internship with Musgrave MarketPlace, which aims to encourage students to apply the knowledge and concepts acquired so far to the practical demands of the workplace. It also provides an opportunity to gain employment following a successful internship.

Former DIT student Joseph Roche is just one example of Musgrave MarketPlace’s commitment to supporting the professional development of the next generation of tastemakers in the Irish food sector. Upon completion of DIT’s Culinary Arts honours degree in May 2017, Joseph pursued a six-month placement at Musgrave MarketPlace in Ballymun where he honed his cooking skills under the careful direction of a team of highly experienced Musgrave chefs, led by Clement Pavie. Testament to his hard work and dedication, Joseph now holds the position of Product Development and Demonstration Chef.

The Musgrave MarketPlace PHD Research Programme:
The research undertaken by two Musgrave PhD scholars, Sophie Dalton and Carina Fagan, will identify and map out culinary education and policy across Europe. This will accelerate the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology’s strategic mission to develop a Centre of Excellence for Food and Drink at TU Dublin, Grangegorman and gain a designation as European Centre of Excellence for Food and Drink. This development will benefit the industry through the increased collaboration between third level education, focused on food innovation and research, by providing knowledge exchange and access to research. The research is focused on primary and post-primary and will enhance and encourage the love of food in young people and address current social and societal concerns through the provision of knowledge and the development of a framework to influence change at an early stage of development.

In addition a Musgrave PhD scholar, Margaret Corcoran, will focus on exploring the knowledge-base of the impact of food and cooking on the well-being of families and communities, and its contribution to self, family and community identity.

The fourth Musgrave PhD scholar, Caroline McGowan, will research Food Literacy. This research extends beyond a narrow concept of food education through nutritional recommendations and cookery lessons, to nurturing important and vital connections between food, people, health and the environment both theoretically and practically. It will explore how establishing food literacy programmes can counteract inequality and disadvantage in our communities.

In addition to key initiatives outlined above, up to eight times per year, students from TU Dublin visit the Musgrave MarketPlace Food Emporium at Ballymun, which boosts a state-of-the-art Food Theatre. During visits, students enjoy cookery demonstrations from the Musgrave MarketPlace team of development chefs, meet trading, sales and marketing colleagues to improve their commercial awareness and tour the Food Emporium to explore and understand the range of food available and provenance.

As an expression of appreciation, TU Dublin is calling their Training Restaurant the Musgrave MarketPlace Training Restaurant in the new Central Quad, which will open in September 2020. The state of the art training restaurant will be a teaching space for students on a variety of Culinary Arts & Food Technology programmes, allowing students from across all food programmes with an interest in molecular gastronomy and culinary innovation, to experiment together.

Dr Frank Cullen, Head of School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, said: “Our mission at TU Dublin is to provide students with the best food and drink learning experience possible. With the support of Musgrave MarketPlace, the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology has increased the number of PhD researchers helping us to achieve Technological University designation. The funding support has also enhanced our programmes at undergraduate level providing students with an unrivalled education in food and drink.”

Desi Derby, Marketing Director Musgrave MarketPlace, said: “Musgrave MarketPlace is the only 100% Irish-owned leading foodservice business in Ireland today. So the development and sustainability of the Irish foodservice sector and investing in up-and-coming chefs and future leaders of the food industry here is really important to us and something we, as a 6th generation family business, are passionate about.”

Over the last few years, we’ve been transforming our traditional cash & carry branches into food emporiums, to include state-of-the-art food theatres; locations where our development chefs and industry chefs can “food innovate” and explore the latest trends and techniques.

Musgrave MarketPlace is Ireland’s leading wholesale supplier to foodservice, retail and SME businesses with over 12,000 retail and foodservice lines covering confectionery, soft drinks, grocery, chilled, frozen and dry catering food, alcohol, non-food and equipment. Musgrave MarketPlace stocks all leading brands along with an extensive range of own-brand products. It is committed to offering its customers the best in value, the widest, most appropriate ranges and unparalleled customer service.

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