Molson Coors has signed an agreement with China Resources Snow Breweries (CRSB) to distribute Snow beer, the world’s most popular beer.

Snow is primarily sold in China, and CRSB claims it to be the highest selling beer in the world by volume since 2008. The beer will not be brewed on contract and will instead be brewed in China and exported to the UK and Ireland.

The 5% lager will be sold in 330ml bottles. Molson Coors already distributes Singha, Grolsch, Cobra and others in the UK and Ireland, and Snow will be an addition to its World Beers category. The company has exclusive rights to sell, distribute and market Snow in both the on and off trade.

Phil Whitehead, managing director of Molson Coors UK and Ireland, said: “Consumers’ tastes are continuing to diversify which makes the beer market more exciting than ever.

“As drinkers become increasingly knowledgeable about beer, they demand greater choice to allow them to explore a range of flavours and styles.

“At Molson Coors, we believe this is a reflection of the general societal shift towards spending on experiences and, in part, the continued food revolution that has been taking place in the UK over the past 10-15 years.”

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