Waterford-based brewer has announced that it has begun distributing Ireland’s first canned craft beer, having spent the past few months setting up a canning operation at its Tycor base.

The company’s popular American style pale ale is now available in select off licenses in Waterford, as well as several in Dublin and Cork. Already the first batch of cans has sold out in several locations. Until now, Metalman beers were only available on draught.

“We felt that cans were a better choice in terms of the quality of the finished product, the lower cost of shipping, and easier handling at the brewery versus glass,” Metalman co-founder Grainne Walsh said.

The machines required to produce the cans were provided by Canadian specialists Cask Brewing Systems, who themselves had previously pioneered the microcanning method, with canning technology provided by Rexam.

The initial run consisted of 102,000 cans which was packed into 24 pack trays. The company is also hoping to introduce two more beers to its canning roster, and is looking into the possibility of canning seasonal brews.

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