Kinsale Mead Co has launched its Wild Red Mead – Merlot Barrel-Aged, the first time it has been on sale since it was named Irish Drink of the Year by the Irish Food Writer’s Guild earlier this year.

This latest batch, a 2018 vintage, has just been bottled and on sale as of Thursday, October 7th.

“We were absolutely thrilled and humbled and truly grateful when we won the award,” said Denis Dempsey, mead-maker and co-founder. “It’s such a boost to get this kind of recognition and appreciation for the care we take to make the best possible Irish meads, and we have been so eager to bring our mead back on the market after the award so everyone can experience the taste.”

The 3 year-old Wild Red Mead is a blackcurrant and cherry mead fermented off-dry, which was matured for the last 12 months in Bordeaux wine oak barrels to add structure and depth.

Reviewing the mead, Leslie Williams said: “Light dark cherry aromas with distinct honeyed notes in the background, sweet red and black fruits on the palate with a crisp (almost tart) cherry finish and lingering subtle soft honey and raspberry notes. Quite delicious and rather fascinating.”

“It’s delicious served at a cool room temperature,” said Kate Dempsey, co-founder. “We think this is a drink that’s crying out to be paired with fine food.”

“Our beautiful label is inspired by the story of the Wild Geese Irish,” explained Denis. “They emigrated in waves from Ireland to the continent at the end of the Jacobite wars and became soldiers in the armies of France as well as making and trading in wine.”

The mead is now stocked in select shops including Celtic Whiskey Shop and the Kinsale Mead Co online shop. RRP €27.95.

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