Wife and husband team Cindy & Kyle Pressman have introduced atōst, a unique new apéritif for the American market inspired by European classics.

This lower proof spirit is a sophisticated infusion of locally sourced fruits, herbs & botanicals and is best enjoyed as a spritz: topped with tonic or soda & garnished with fresh citrus.

Inspired by the central European drinking culture of daily gatherings and celebrations, atōst has created a modern beverage experience that brings the aperitivo hour gathering to life. The new line of apéritifs is as complex as a whiskey or gin but as elegant and approachable as a chilled glass of rosé.

Wife and husband atōst founders, Cindy & Kyle Pressman, became obsessed with finding an alcohol they could enjoy together. Cindy gravitated towards the freshness and lightness of a glass of white wine, while Kyle enjoyed the boldness and complexity of a spirit-based cocktail.

After discovering Europe’s apéritif culture, they fell in love with the category but couldn’t find a blend that fit their lifestyle. So the duo set off to craft an American apéritif they could enjoy together, a West Coast take on the European classic. atōst is less sweet & less bitter than most traditional apéritifs while being lower in alcohol than common distilled spirits, all while celebrating local ingredients and flavors.

Co-Founder Cindy Pressman said: “While the apéritif category is largely unknown in America, the qualities of our light & fresh spirits align with so many modern-day trends including the desire for lower proof options and farm-to-bottle ingredients. We created atōst to inspire those everyday gatherings through a modern aperitivo ritual. The American Apéritif movement is about gathering, letting the stress of the day melt away, and enjoying a delicious beverage with your favorite people. Maybe you’re partial to wine, or maybe you’re a spirit lover, either way atōst is something that can be shared together.”

atōst blends traditional apéritif production methods with local ingredients and modern techniques. Kyle Pressman, who leads the Golden, Colorado production facility, begins by fermenting a base white wine. He then focuses on the brand’s maceration process, which creates the flavor and color of atōst by infusing locally sourced fruits, herbs & botanicals into California grappa, a clear grape distillate. The extraction process can take up to 6 months to complete. The grappa is then blended into the base wine and slightly sweetened to create atōst.

Kyle added: “It’s a hands-on, delicate process which ultimately produces an extremely fresh and aromatic apéritif. It blends Cindy’s favorite parts of a delicious wine with what I’ve always loved about flavor forward craft spirits. It’s truly a unique sipping experience that will have you coming back for more.”

atōst apéritifs come in four varities:

  • Citrus: California lemons & oranges with Colorado juniper and a hint of peach
  • Bloom: strawberry and candied orange with notes of rose
  • Woods: whiskey barrel-aged with hints of warm vanilla, cherry, and fresh orange
  • Roots: spicy notes of ginger with fresh lemon and a hint of anise

atōst is now available for purchase via www.atost.co. Each atōst apéritif is $35.00 USD, with free shipping on 2 bottles or more.

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