McDonald’s Spent €53m with Irish Suppliers in 2017

Fast food chain McDonald’s spent €53m with Irish suppliers in 2017, according to a newly released economic impact report.

The report, McDonald’s in Ireland, highlights the economic contribution the chain makes in Ireland, and was produced by Development Economics.

The report looks at the impact McDonald’s has on the Irish economy through employment, supply chain expenditure, the purchase of Irish produce for domestic use and export, and the support for local communities across Ireland.

The report reveals that in total McDonald’s contributed €196m directly to the Irish economy in 2017, through restaurant activity, employee salaries and its contribution to the national exchequer.

The report also highlights the significance of McDonald’s long-term partnerships with Irish suppliers including Dawn Meats (beef), Dew Valley Foods (bacon) and Kerry Group (dairy). Direct spend with Irish suppliers in 2017 accounted for a further €53m of revenue to the Irish economy. McDonald’s is one of the largest purchasers of Irish beef by volume, working with over 1,200 farmers in Ireland who supply beef to all McDonald’s restaurants in Ireland.

The €53m figure was arrived at by measuring the Gross Value Added (GVA), which takes the value of goods and services produced by a specific business sector or in a sub-national geographic area and is calculated as the difference between output and intermediate consumption (i.e. costs excluding wages).

Paul Pomroy, Chief Executive, McDonald’s UK & Ireland, commented: “We are very proud to launch this important report; the success of McDonald’s in Ireland would not be possible without our customers, suppliers, crew members and the dedication of our Irish franchisees, who provide local jobs, economic opportunities and ongoing community engagement across the year.”


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