McDonald’s is Now Accepting Job Applications via Alexa

McDonald’s has announced a new initiative called Apply Thru, in which prospective employees can apply for jobs via Amazon Echo or Google Assistant devices.

The company envisions is as a way for younger people to engage in entry-level careers with the fast food multinational.

The system works by the user filling out a few basic questions out loud, by first saying either “Alexa, help me get a job at McDonald’s”, or “Hey Google, help me get a job at McDonald’s”. Following their responses, they will then receive a text with a link to complete the rest of the application process online.

As of the end of September 2019, the Apply Thru skill is available on Amazon Echo devices in the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the U.K.

McDonald’s Chief People Officer David Fairhurst, said: “We must continue to innovate and think of creative, and in this case groundbreaking, ways to meet potential job seekers on devices they are already using, like Alexa”.

Fast food, particularly in America, is in the midst of the worst labour shortage in the sector’s history and creative campaigns like McDonald’s Apply Thru are an attempt to tap into a millennial market that is wary of more traditional companies. Additionally, low unemployment, a smaller than historically average youth workforce, and the increasing expansion of fast food chains, have all come together to have a negative impact.


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