Masterchefs Commits to Sustainability at NUIG

Limerick-based Masterchefs Hospitality has released figures for 2018 which show that 25,000 hot beverages have been served in reusable cups at NUI Galway, having incentivised their customers to make the transition from single use take away cups - reinforcing the University’s ambition to become one of the greenest, smartest, healthiest and community-focused campuses in the world.

As well as having a positive environmental impact by reducing the amount of single use cups ending up in the bin, the scheme has also saved the staff and students on campus as much as €5,000 in discounts.

Pat O’Sullivan, Managing Director of Masterchefs Hospitality, said: “While we have led the way in sustainability for many years, this is the first time we have measured the impact of our reusable cup campaign over a whole year, the results are impressive”.

Ann Duggan, Director of Commercial Services at NUI Galway, said: “Masterchefs’ promotion of single-use cups is an excellent example of the significant steps being taken on campus to reduce waste. NUI Galway’s current recycling rate is 53% and our target recycling rate is set at 60% by 2020. This is set to increase to 70% by 2025 ahead of the EU Commission’s objective to reach the same target by 2030.”

All Masterchefs sites across the country use only compostable packaging, and the company works with suppliers to reduce packaging - for example for fresh deliveries, all produce is immediately transferred into on-site storage containers and the delivery boxes are taken away to be recycled.

In October 2018, the company opened Copia Green in Castletroy, Limerick - a new health driven eatery which aims to use 75% organic and Irish produce throughout the year. Meats, fish, eggs and dairy are all organic and sustainably sourced.

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