Malibu has launched a new ‘Let the Funshine’ campaign, highlighting a ive-in-the-moment, take-life-by-the-coconuts mindset.

The campaign focuses on a Summer Friday, and Malibu commissioned a survey to see what that meant to people.

Through a recent survey, Malibu discovered that while some (18%) define Summer Fridays as three Fridays off work during the summer, the majority of Americans (63%) define a Summer Friday as taking a half-day and logging off at 12 pm. But one thing nearly everyone (94%) agreed on is that companies should absolutely give their employees Summer Friday perks.

Malibu and is encouraging fans to take #FunshineFridays this summer in whatever way that works for them. Every Friday in July and August at 12:00 p.m. ET – the most popular definition of a Summer Friday – Malibu is giving everyone an extra incentive to get their weekend started earlier.

By visiting, visitors 21+ can virtually “punch out” for the day for a chance to win $2,021 in celebration of summer 2021 and a Malibu Funshine kit filled with items such as inflatable ring tosses, pool floats, visors and pineapple glasses to accompany a Malibu cocktail.

Fans can make #FunshineFriday plans any time by entering the Malibu Funshine Friday sweepstakes throughout the week and even send themselves a calendar reminder for 12 pm ET.

“Our new campaign is Malibu’s way of helping everyone reclaim summer – and start the weekend earlier – because we all deserve some Funshine Fridays after the year we’ve had,” said Regan Clarke, Vice President of Marketing for Malibu US. “We want to encourage Malibu lovers to embrace that summertime carefree spontaneity as they spend time and reconnect with friends and family this summer.”

Malibu’s #FunshineFriday is a part of the brand’s global summer campaign, Let the Funshine, which offers a playful depiction of the social rustiness that can happen a year after social restrictions.

In addition to entering Malibu’s Funshine Friday sweepstakes, fans can visit for cocktail recipes, with both summertime classics and new recipes.

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