55% of professionals in the Republic of Ireland have expressed their desire to move to full-time remote working, according to a new survey from recruiter Robert Walters.

The Robert Walters 2021 Ireland Salary Survey features data from the firm’s annual employment trends survey undertaken, by 1,000 white-collar professionals.

The survey also shows that 26% of respondents want to work at least 50% remote this year.

Over a third (35%) of professionals have enjoyed the flexible hours afforded with home working, and 26% stated that working from home has allowed for an increased focus on wellbeing.

A quarter found that the more regular updates & check-in calls with managers and colleagues during lockdown to be a positive change to their work style.

Leading the list of changes to work that employees would like to keep for this year is the enhanced use of technology, apps & tools – with almost half (46%) of respondents stating that this has improved or benefitted their way of working.

When considering the opportunities presented by COVID 19, over a third of professionals (38%) stated that compulsory remote working inadvertently encouraged them to improve on their business communication in a way that office working would not have encouraged – with the reliance on virtual presentations, over-the-phone discussions, and video calls being a key driver in this.

Suzanne Feeney, Director at Robert Walters Ireland commented: “2020 was the year of the world’s largest remote working experiment, and employers would be amiss to think that there wouldn’t be some long-term changes to employee expectations as a result.

“Whilst the pandemic did not necessarily bring about entirely new trends in working-style, it certainly fast-tracked the inevitable around flexible working – speeding the transition up by as much a 5-10 years for some companies.

“We anticipate that some of the changes incorporated into workplaces as a result of COVID 19 in 2020 will be more enshrined in day to day working environments going forward – and for some professional industries there will be an element of remote working embedded for good.”

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