A new survey released shows that over half of tourists to Ireland visit the country because of the pubs, making it the second most popular reason to visit.

The survey was carried out by marketing firm iReach on behalf of the Support Your Local campaign, which aims to cut excise tax on alcohol sold in pubs around the country.  The campaign is backed by industry bodies such as the LVA, VFI and IHF.  500 tourists, from North America, Canada, the UK, Germany and France, were sampled for the survey during the week of July 8th to 16th, 2015.

57% of respondents said that culture and heritage were the main reasons or visiting Ireland, while 54% said that pubs were the major deciding factor in their visit.

As well, almost 60% of those surveyed said it was Irish people who differentiated Ireland from other countries.  Nearly 90% said the Irish people enhance their holiday experience, and that ‘friendly’ was the word that came to mind when they thought about the Irish.

“Our pubs and hospitality are renowned globally as part of the Irish character and experience,” said Bart Storan, who runs the Support Your Local campaign.  “In every city, town and village, pubs are part of the unique fabric of the community, supporting jobs, catalysing spending, and sharing our story around the world.”

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