Lough Erne Resort is set to become a zero-waste destination by the end of 2020. Head Chef Noel McMeel has said he will no longer accept plastic containers and packaging from food suppliers.

“Eco-friendliness is the main focus going forward. If somebody continues to use plastic, I will change suppliers,” said Noel McMeel.

He continued: “If you think back to where we were in the 1990s, the food which arrived was not vac-packed. It doesn’t have to be. We have new technology which means that brown paper bags can be heat sealed

“I would rather get my fish fillets in greaseproof paper than in plastic. I also want to eradicate food spoilage and food waste as far as possible.

“We don’t live in a county any more where you can only get food delivered once a week. I want to cut out the middle men and deal directly with suppliers who can give me just what I need. It’s better for them, better for us and better for the environment.

Noel said this is an initiative which covers the whole resort: “For the past two years the water in the bedrooms has come from a social enterprise called Clearer Water in recyclable glass bottles. That’s just one example of lots of changes.”

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