Ed Mulvihill and Laurence Wetterwald are the husband and wife team behind one of Dingle’s most popular eateries, the recently renamed and relocated Grey’s Lane Bistro.  

“We opened as the Goat Street Café on Goat Street in 2004 but moving to Grey’s Lane in June meant a name change was needed,” laughs Laurence.

Back in 2004, professional chef Ed decided the time was right to set up his own business, with him at the kitchen and Laurence front of house.  “We wanted something small we could manage between the two of us,” says Laurence.  “We also wanted to create a place we would have liked to go ourselves.”

The business grew organically, as they became busier and built up a trusted team of staff.  However, the original Goat Street location was not suitable for expansion.  It was off the town’s main thoroughfare and the age of the building meant it could only take a certain number of people.

“It took us ten years to build to where we are now and we would have got there faster in a better location,” says Laurence.

[pull_quote_center]But the slowness was good in a way.  It gave us time to gain confidence and to build a local trade.  Eventually we realised we couldn’t grow anymore in that building.[/pull_quote_center]

With potential premises in short supply in Dingle, the pair moved fast when they heard a purpose-built restaurant was available to rent.  “We viewed it in April and we were open in mid-June,” says Laurence.  “Moving and opening in the busy season was stressful but we knew we’d have cash flow problems if we waited until winter.”

They have no regrets about moving.  Fifty people could have squeezed into their previous premises while their new location seats 80, with space to spare.

Trade is up and with winter now upon them, Ed and Laurence are ready to explore new possibilities for the business.  “We hope to cater for private functions such as parties and weddings,” says Laurence. “We’d like to hold gigs here too.  We’re going to spend January and February thinking of ways to research and develop what we can do.”

[quote_box_center]For more information on Grey’s Lane Bistro, visit their website.[/quote_box_center]

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