As the lockdown continues, chefs across the country are coming up with creative ideas to keep their businesses afloat.

Whilst many businesses now offer takeaways and meal kits, one chef in Lahinch has gone a step further and is offering his customers free online recipe videos as well as cooking tips.

Randy Lewis who owns Randaddys’ restaurant in Lahinch is a well-travelled Canadian who before settling on the west coast of Ireland spent years travelling the globe, working with many international chefs. This experience is well documented in his videos and tutorials which feature his travels in Kenya, Hong Kong, Cuba, Morocco as well as recipe videos from his restaurant in Lahinch.

Randy said: “Since the lockdown started, I noticed that more and more people were viewing my videos and asking for suggestions. I started a Facebook Recipe group called ‘Randaddy’s Best Recipes and Tips’ and within days I had hundreds of people asking to join.”

“My recipe videos feature many of the dishes I cook in the restaurant as well as some simple comfort food dishes which are easy to prepare at home. One of the videos that did really well online and got 70,000 views recently was a chilli cheese nacho bake. People loved it as it was simple to make with ingredients most people already have in the cupboard” Randy believes that with so many people at home, there has been a natural resurgence in people cooking as they have more time.

“I have never seen so many people online talking about food and sharing recipes as in the last 8 weeks. There is a huge amount of content out there at the moment, which can be overwhelming for people.

“I believe my videos get a lot of traction online is that have I have quality content, great recipes which people find engaging.” Randy says that creating the videos and sharing content has really kept his business in the public eye and has kept him busy.

“I have enjoyed making the videos and hopefully it will remind people that we are open for business every weekend, with our takeaway service. Once the lockdown is over, I hope that the videos will attract new customers from all over Ireland.”

For more information go to Facebook and @randaddys on Instagram.

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