New York City-based Kings County Distillery is releasing a new flagship whiskey – a blended bourbon made from house-distilled straight whiskeys.

The resulting whiskey is bright, complex and approachable — a multi-occasion whiskey for neat sipping or mixing. With a suggested price of $54.99, Kings County’s Blended Bourbon will be its most accessible aged spirit and arrives in a new blue label, one which clearly differentiates this spirit from Kings County’s established bourbon, rye, and single malt whiskeys.

“As we have done with moonshine and bottled-in-bond, making a blended bourbon is a way of asking whiskey drinkers to reconsider an overlooked category of spirit,” said Co-Founder and Distiller Colin Spoelman.

“Blended whiskey is most often associated with crowd-pleasing scotch or Canadian whiskies. We used the all-but-forgotten category of blended bourbon to create the American analog to these reliable and endlessly versatile spirits. Composed entirely of in-house, pot-distilled straight bourbon, straight corn whiskey, straight rye whiskey, and malt whiskey, our Blended Bourbon makes for a sippable, lower proof bourbon, suitable for nearly any application calling for an approachable American whiskey. In the interest of providing the drinker with the highest level of transparency and elevating a category historically associated with intentionally vague labeling practices, we list the exact blend composition on every bottle.”

By law, blended bourbon must use 51% straight bourbon, but this open-ended definition allows the Kings County’s blending team to use the full breadth of their mature inventory.

Kings County’s spirits have been widely accepted and appreciated, but with supply of aged whiskey growing short across the spectrum of American whiskey, Kings County aims to lead the market with a superior all-purpose two year-old spirit. With notes of honey, caramel, and rye pepper, this is a flexible whiskey, and one that shows what can be achieved through the use of quality organic ingredients, careful distilling, and creative blending. It also presents a spirit suitable for mixing, creating a new audience for the brand.

Kings County Blended Bourbon will be available throughout New York State starting on September 14th with national rollout to follow, visit for more information.

With the new entry-level aged whiskey will come a reduction in pricing on Kings County’s unaged spirits. “While many distillers are raising prices, we are making our whiskeys more affordable and accessible,” said Spoelman. “We want to be the distiller that meets the moment for our customers and fans.”

Founded in 2010, Kings County makes bourbon, rye, and other whiskeys out of the 123-year-old Paymaster Building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They use New York grain and traditional distilling equipment.

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