Kilkenny’s Pembroke Hotel is celebrating becoming the South East’s only hotel to be awarded with the prestigious European Business Excellence Accreditation from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

One of Europe’s most rigorous measurements of business performance, the Pembroke Hotel received the EFQM 4 Star Excellence Award in its first application for accreditation. The awards ceremony in the Crown Plaza Hotel, Dublin recognised the achievements of Ireland’s best-managed organisations with just 29 organisations throughout Ireland receiving the accreditation.

General Manager, Paul Broderick said that such recognition is great encouragement for the team. “We are a passionate team and over the years we have placed a lot of emphasis on training and providing a great customer service. It is fantastic to see the team’s dedication and hard work being recognised and we are very proud of this award.”

The benefits for the business are clear as he commented: “In practical terms an internationally recognized award is a major advantage in our overseas marketing as we pursue new markets”.

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