Ketchup Charge “Racist,” Says Glaswegian Man

Fighting for Ketchup: Tony Winters. (Picture: Edinburgh Evening News)

An irate Glaswegian has accused a takeaway in Edinburgh of “racism” after the shop tried to charge him 25p for a sachet of ketchup.

The issue arises from a long-running rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh, where Edinburgh staple ‘salt n sauce’ (brown sauce) is often dished out for free but with a charge applying for alternative condiments.  Glasgow meanwhile has a preference for ketchup over its darker sauce brethren.

Glasgow-born Tony Winters was in Edinburgh with his fiance and friend and visited a local chipper for dinner, only to be told that while brown sauce is free any other condiment comes with a 25p surcharge.  Winters, who has lived in Edinburgh for 18 years, claims this is “racism” against non-locals who would have a preference for a sauce they are likely to be charged for.

“It reeks of racism. Just because we come from the west and tend to like ketchup instead of brown sauce. I’m feeling racially persecuted because of a condiment. People might think it’s silly but I do think that’s what it is,” Mr Wilson told the Edinburgh Evening News.

An upset Winters left the shop without his supper and has since said he’s taking his case to trading standards officers.

Paul Crolla, owner of the takeaway in question, defended the price, saying that all branded sachets of condiments come with a 25p surcharge while their brown sauce, a local staple, is free of charge.


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