Since March of 1631, people around the world have been honoring St. Patrick. As the celebration has continued, certain traditions have become synonymous with March 17th. Some spend the day decked out in green, others attend parades, but we all know the best way to commemorate this occasion is with a stiff glass of your favorite whiskey!

If you celebrate with the latter, Kentucky Owl St. Patrick’s Edition (SRP: $135) ought to be on your radar! It’s from the long-standing ties that bind Irish and Kentucky bourbon whiskey making together that the St. Patrick’s Edition was born. To create the sip, Kentucky Owl partnered with Irish Whiskey Bonder Louise McGuane to produce a 100% Kentucky made bourbon whiskey made through the lens of Irish whiskey making.

McGuane brought her craft of selecting rare whiskey barrels in collaboration with Master Blender John Rhea, to deliver the expectational liquid that is the Kentucky Owl St. Patrick’s Edition. The whiskey is a blend of Kentucky straight bourbons, varying in age from 4-8 years old, each coming in with their own unique characteristics. Rich in caramel and vanilla as well as spice and fruit, the sip comes together to bring out a robust and well balanced bourbon experience.

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