Kate Amber’s newly launched Ireland’s Whiskey Guide is a comprehensive travel and whiskey guide that follows her three year (and a day, in fitting with whiskey time) journey to recount the story of Irish whiskey.

The guide describes the heritage of whiskey across this island – at one time Ireland produced 60% of the world’s whiskey – and looks at the recent revival of distilleries around the country, weaving historical insights and anecdotes throughout.

Kate, from Hamburg in Germany, traces the ups and downs of Irish whiskey from when Ireland had 28 distilleries and 400 brands which saw Ireland as one of the top whiskey producers in the world, to the sector’s near demise in the 80s, to the recent rise of new distilleries across the country that are continuing our whiskey tradition.

“When I was a child, I always wanted to do something with photography,” explained Kate. “And what would be better than a travel guide?”

Her love of scenery was compounded even further with her trips to Ireland and on becoming ‘hooked’ with the history associated with whiskey distilleries, she purchased a camera and began photographing Dingle Distillery and the beach. Since then there has been no looking back for Kate as she recounts that every time she took her camera out the typical Irish weather seemed to improve.

The journey takes the reader to the roots of new Irish whiskey and speaks with locals that have lived through the difficult times faced by the industry. The book chronicles the forgotten and turbulent history of Irish whiskey, the foundation and inspiration behind new distilleries in Ireland.

Kate was in particular fascinated by the craft element of whiskey production in Ireland and how distilling has not changed much at all in the last 400 years. The deep-rooted belief that “all good things take time” resonates strongly in the hearts of those within the Irish whiskey trade. Readers will gain insights into whiskey production and what it is that makes Irish whiskeys special.

“I hope that my travels around Ireland and encounters with the people and the flavours that make Ireland and Irish Whiskey unique will inspire readers to go on their own journey, to seek out new distilleries and new whiskeys as Irish whiskey starts to enjoy its rightful place again on the global whiskey stage,” said Kate.

It was difficult for Kate to narrow down exactly her favourite areas in Ireland as ‘everywhere is beautiful’, but she seemed very much a fan of the west coast, providing genuine insight and objective information for those travelling from abroad. The guide provides an interesting navigation through Ireland’s history and geography, for local and visitors alike, with whiskey as the compass.

You can purchase the book online at www.amberpublishers.com, or at select distilleries and retail stores, at an RRP of €14.75.

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