Java Republic has announced a new range of limited edition single origin coffees.

The Origin Project will bring a series of limited edition single origin coffees to consumers in Ireland. As part of Java Republic’s philosophy, ‘coffee for the people by the coffee people’, the company has gone far and wide to ensure they bring the best quality coffee from the best quality beans to their customers.

To amplify the uniqueness of each single origin, Java Republic enlisted the help of emerging Irish artists to create a design that captured the culture and history behind each limited edition coffee.

The first limited edition coffee was the recently released Costa Rica el Rincon, a perfect combination of fruity tasting notes, with hints of apricots, honey, tangerines and dried figs, allowing for a strong coffee with a deliciously sweet taste. This unique single origin comes from Coopedota, a farm located in the Dota Valley in San Jose, Costa Rica that was established over 60 years ago.

Having visited the farm in January 2020 on a Coffee Origin Trip, Java Republic is thrilled to be bringing this fantastic quality coffee from the heart of Costa Rica to the coffee lovers of Ireland. The Coopedota farm’s story and ethos is inspiring. A certified carbon neutral co-op with a dedication to sustainably sourced quality coffee and positive culture, the farm supports workers with a hardware store and coffee tours, while also offering a Barista programme for local schools.

To prepare Costa Rica el Rincon for launch, artist Ellie Stone designed a label that tied in the landscapes, people and culture of Costa Rica. Through her vivid creation, Ellie told the story of the people of Coopedota and the committed community behind the coffee.

“We are thrilled to have launched The Origin Project and to be bringing a series of limited-edition single origin coffees from around the world and hand roasted here in Dublin to our customers,” said Grace O’Shaughnessy, Java Republic’s Managing Director. “The Java Republic Coffee Origin Trips are about standing up for the people who make every cup of coffee possible. They are about providing direct support and building long lasting relationships. Our next single origins will expand our series and give people the chance to try incredible coffee from some of the best places in the world.”

Based on the success of the first single origins coffee, Java Republic is now launching a second coffee sourced from India. India Gems of Araku is a combination of blueberry, chocolate, brown sugar, ginger, and candied orange that delivers an aroma unique to Indian specialty coffee.

In 2007 a coffee farmer cooperative – Small and Marginal Tribal Farmers Mutually Aided Cooperative Society (SAMTFMACS) – formed with assistance from The Naandi Foundation, to promote coffee production in the area. A state-of-the-art processing unit was set up in Araku, which became the first in the country to receive global accreditation as a Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Premier Training Campus offering courses on green coffee, barista skills, brewing and roasting.

In the past decade, the cooperative has significantly increased the quality and quantity of coffee grown there. The single origin coffee is chosen when the cherry is deep crimson red, dried on a mixture of raised beds and solar mechanical facilities, and then covered at night with fine cloth to protect from any additional moisture. The result is a smooth blend unlike anything else.

For this release, artist Adrian Wojtas was engaged to created a label to represent the people through unity. It is inspired by the people behind the coffee which consists of almost entirely indigenous tribes. The colours showcase the richness of Indian culture, while the lone hand reaching towards the gem represents the hand-picking process and the coffee itself.

All single origin coffees will be available for purchase online from

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