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Java Republic Redefines their Range of 100% Organic Tea

Java Republic, Ireland’s most premium coffee roasters, have recently announced that they have relaunched their range of 100% Organic teas.

Having entered the tea market a number of years ago, they quickly grew their selection to become the largest range of organic tea blends in Europe. Their passion for tea was born from the same ethos that they hold for coffee – to bring unparalleled quality to the market that is guaranteed to be sustainable in every possible way. The decision to go 100% organic in their tea offering was made because it is more sustainable for wildlife, better for the farmers, improves the taste and is ultimately better for the consumer.

However, Java Republic have now relaunched their organic tea offering to coincide with changing trends in the market and a shift in the needs of the consumer. It comes at a time when consumers are more concerned than ever before about wellness, health and mindfulness. Tea is at the very heart of this movement. Drinkers are more tuned in to the ingredients they consume, wanting to focus on healthier options, and wanting to feel good in the choices they make. While the new range of organic tea blends has been designed with the consumer in mind, it has specifically been developed to put your business and your end-user at the centre of their attention.

The organic tea range is split into six categories – Awaken, Digestion, Calming, Cleansing, Savour, and Enticing, providing a tea for everyone at any time of day. Across the six categories, there are 24 organic teas for you to choose from.

Running a hotel, café or restaurant? Breakfast, lunch, brunch, afternoon tea, spa experiences, dining options and more… the opportunities for you to utilise your tea offerings in your business are endless. Whether your customers want an invigorating drink to start their day, a calming midday drink, or a delicious pairing to your unique food offerings, Java Republic have a range of organic teas to suit all.

Java Republic’s focus is on innovation, flavour profiles, feelings and taste. The range of teas offers businesses and customers premium quality, meaningful experiences and exceptional tastes. Not only that, but you can also guarantee your customers that the tea they are drinking is kind to the environment in every way possible. Their silken tea pillows are 100% compostable and packed in biodegradable envelopes. Each of the blends are 100% organic and created using only the finest ingredients.

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