Italian MP Fined for Waving Dead Sea Bass Around Parliament


Mr. Buonanno shows off his fish.

A right-wing Italian MP has been fined and suspended from parliament after waving a dead sea bass around the Chamber of Deputies in protest against Italy's immigration policies.

Gianluca Buonanno apparently used the dead sea bass to symbolise the expensive fish eaten by wealthy Italian politicians, his point being that immigration has forced a generally lower standard of living and so most people can only afford sardines.

Unfortunately for Mr. Buonanno, the stunt landed him with a 12 days suspension from parliament and a fine of €2,500.

Unsurprisingly the politician has rebuked the fine and suspension, telling Il Tempo newspaper that “This suspension for having defending the common people is, for me, a medal on my chest".

You can watch the fishy business unfold in the video below - it kicks off around 29s in.

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