Relationships with booking systems can be similar to human ones; it starts out well, but soon, niggles appear. It costs too much, doesn’t link with other software, and your brand’s profile is being eroded. Is it time to break up with your booking system?

In a recent ResDiary survey, 47% of their competitors’ customers said their current provider wasn’t their preferred one. Nodding in agreement? Here are some reasons to make the break:

Fall for your bills

Paying for covers through third parties and your own site, with no way to maintain control, makes bills add up. It’s not unheard of for operators to pay a huge chunk of their revenue per month, like John from Belfast’s Stix & Stones: 

“Our previous, well-known, provider was scooping a lot of money from us. Thousands in commission charges alone!”

As the industry endures a tough period, why pay for bookings from your regular customers? Manage your bottom line with fixed bills and greater peace of mind.

Hook up with other great companies 

Linking your reservation system with your other tech gives you a wealth of information and helps improve your service, as Jack Edge from Mission Mars does with Feebi, ResDiary’s partner chatbot:

“Feebi helped decrease our average Facebook  response time from seven hours to five minutes. It automatically books guests in without sales team interaction. As staff are freed up to answer calls, we’ve seen a 14% improvement in missed sales calls.”

Add in EPOS and PMS links with companies like Opera, Guestline , and Pixelpoint, and better diner experiences are provided through guest information and customer journey tracking, ensuring they’ll return frequently. In turn, integrations improve staffing costs, with unified systems creating efficient teams, while data-gathering capabilities assist with marketing and improving operations.

Take control of your bookings 

After a breakup, gaining back control is important. While you want to reach as many diners as possible, reservations systems often don’t let you decide where and when you take bookings. You need to be able to accept bookings from wherever you like, while maintaining complete control, like Leanne Doolan from The Red Door in Donegal does:

“My favourite thing is checking the diary and seeing that lots of bookings have come in overnight from events promoted through email, Facebook, and other sites. And they’re all spaced out perfectly too.”

 No one wants a 7.30pm rush every Saturday evening, so you should pick a system that manages your bookings while saving money and helping your brand.

Rebuild your brand profile

Has your profile been eroded by a bad partnership? You need a system that pushes your business, like Trisha, the owner of Edinburgh’s Sonder Restaurant: 

“Before opening, we spent weeks creating a website and a logo, reflecting us. We spent a lot of time looking at booking systems to find one that focused on showcasing us.”

And if your system has a shared database where they market nearby venues to your loyal customers, it’s definitely time to escape.

Is it time to move on? Call ResDiary and find “The One”. With commission-free Google bookings, smart integrations, own-branded communications, and the best support team around, it’s a breakup you’ll never regret…

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