Irish Wine Show Star Winners Announced

The National Off-Licence Association (NOffLA) has awarded its annual Irish Wine Show Star Awards to 45 wines at SIP 2018.

Now in its eighteenth year, the winning wines will be available from NOffLA outlets nationwide, of which there are more than 315. The chosen wines will be easily recognised by award symbols on each bottle.

Speaking at the awards, Gary O’Donovan, Chairman of NOffLA, congratulated the winners and commented on the current trading environment, noting “this annual event allows us to celebrate some of the finest products sold by our highly-trained members around the country. NOffLA members are committed to excellence both in terms of personal service and the high-quality wines that we offer.”

In excess of 600 wines were submitted to the Star Award panel of judges and independent wine journalists. Points were awarded on the basis of appearance, smell, taste and value for money criteria, and the winning 15 were selected as the best wines from key suppliers across a number of price categories.

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