Irish Pubs Global 2018 Premium Membership Packages Launched

Irish Pubs Global Member Benefits

Irish Pubs Global Federation, the network for Irish pubs worldwide, has announced that new annual Premium Membership packages are now on sale and are available online at www.irishpubsglobal.com.

The Federation has developed a new members benefits programme that supports Premium and Full Service members with their personnel strategies.

This new benefits program is called ADR (Attract – Develop – Reward) and its core is based on partnership agreements signed with leading online service providers, who have developed solutions to tackle the critical personnel challenges that face all hospitality operators:

  • Recruitment (Attract)
  • Training (Develop)
  • Recognition (Reward)

Premium and Full Service Irish Pubs Global members will have access to a range of exclusive benefits, special offers and free content from these commercial partners.

Irish Pubs Global has teamed up with hospitality specialist recruiter Jobbio to be the Federation’s international recruitment partner. This young Irish company is breaking the mould in the world of online recruitment. Jobbio is not just another jobsite, rather they connect top hospitality talent with leading hospitality operators through their unique online jobs marketplace. Jobbio enables job seekers to create live online profiles of themselves, their skillsets and work experiences, so potential employers can build up a comprehensive view of possible candidates. Personal profiles can be regularly updated, so say goodbye to the static CV! Jobbio also helps employers to build their brands online and to present their job opportunities in the best possible light to the right audiences. Jobbio has created the Irish Pubs Global Jobs Channel exclusively for Irish Pubs Global members to market their job opportunities. Premium members who use the Irish Pubs Global Jobs Channel get to post their first job vacancy for free and get a further 10% discount on all future postings. There are no upfront or hidden costs and you pay as you go!

How would you like your staff to learn new skills and be trained by the leading global practitioners in the culinary arts? Well they can with Typsy, Irish Pubs Global’s new digital training partner. This young Australian company has built an unrivalled library of 350+ engaging videos that can teach and train your staff key skills in a very intimate and engaging way. From making a martini, to cooking the perfect steak, Typsy has secured leading chefs, bar tenders and hospitality managers from around the world to give your staff 1-2-1 master classes. Content can be accessed via the Typsy website and can be viewed on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Typsy’s software tracks what videos your staff have viewed, for how long and can act as a complete training record in your key business processes or as a new employee’s induction programme. Subscription to Typsy generally costs about $130 per month but Irish Pubs Global members get an exclusive discount of 10% on this cost. There are no upfront or hidden costs so say goodbye to paper-based manuals and say hello to online digital training! In their own words, think of Typsy as “The Netflix of the training world”!

Hospitality sector staff work hard and Irish Pubs Global believes in rewarding employees for their commitment and effort. Irish Pubs Global Employee Benefits is an affinity programme that can generate fantastic savings and cashback on hundreds of products and services from top brands in sectors like travel, hotels, car hire, dining out, clothing and hair & beauty. For Premium and Full Service Members, there is free access to this platform for all staff in your business. The average cashback per employee is estimated at €500 per year. Access to affinity programmes like this is usually only available to large corporates and would normally cost an employer €50 per employee per annum. Irish Pubs Global is proud to be able to bring this amazing benefit to all Premium and Full Service Members for free. It is an excellent way to reward and recognise your employees’ contribution to your business.

Commenting on the launch of the new premium Irish Pubs Global Membership packages, CEO Colm O’Reilly said: “In developing our strategy and members benefits programme for the coming year, we asked members what their No. 1 challenge was and how Irish Pubs Global could help with that. The feedback across the board was finding good people.

Ensuring they have the right skillset and then holding onto them are the big issues facing the industry. The challenge for Irish Pubs Global was to know what we could do to help alleviate the problem in a concrete way and then deploy a solution across the world! I am absolutely delighted with the new deals we have secured and have no doubt of the value that these benefits will bring to members’ businesses.”

For more information, see www.irishpubsglobal.com.

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