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Irish Food Prices Continue to Spiral

Ireland continues to be one of the most expensive countries in Europe for food and drink, with prices having gone up since 2011, according to a recent Eurostat survey.

Ireland amongst the most expensive countries in EU for food

Staples such as fruit, vegetables and potatoes are up to 38% more expensive than our continental counterparts, putting us 5th overall in Europe.  The figures, from 2012, show that Irish prices are 18% higher than the EU average, up 1% from 2011s reported figures.

Significantly, alcohol prices are 62% higher than the EU average and cigarettes are twice as expensive, making both the most expensive in Europe.  Alcohol prices are double those in the cheapest countries of Bulgaria, Romania and Germany, while Irish consumers pay four times as much for cigarettes compared to smokers in Hungary.

The Eurostat survey found that Denmark is the most expensive country in Europe for food, at 43% higher than the average, followed by Sweden, Austria, Finland and Ireland.

Despite Ireland’s reputation for producing and exporting dairy products, milk, cheese and eggs are 19% more expensive in Ireland than the average.  A similar story goes for meat, which costs 10% more than average.


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