Irish Distillers Unveils Method and Madness Gin

Irish Distillers has unveiled Method and Madness Irish Micro Distilled Gin; taking a step into the modern premium gin market.

The first release from the micro distillery in Midleton, this new Method and Madness release pays homage to the historic links to gin in Co. Cork and underlines the company’s commitment to experimentation.

Method and Madness Gin is the result of an exploration into historic gin recipes from 1798, which have been preserved at Midleton Distillery, and months of research into how botanicals work together to create unique flavours in gin.

Overseen by Brian Nation, Master Distiller, and Henry Donnelly, Apprentice Distiller, the gin has been distilled in Mickey’s Belly, Ireland’s oldest gin still first commissioned in 1958, at the new micro distillery in Midleton.

The new gin benefits from an eclectic fusion of 16 botanicals led by black lemon and Irish gorse flower – imparting notes of citrus and spice with subtle earthy undertones.

A notebook kept in the Midleton Distillery archive dating back to the 1790s, written by a rectifier in Cork called William Coldwell, details the recipes, botanicals and methods that informed the creation of Irish Distillers’ Cork Crimson Gin in 2005. A premium pot still gin, Cork Crimson Gin provided the primary inspiration for Brian and Henry in reimagining the recipe for Method and Madness Gin over the past year.

Brian Nation, Master Distiller at Midleton Distillery, commented: “The release of our Method and Madness Gin represents the next chapter in the story of us re-writing what a modern Irish spirits company can be. Through our work with the apprentices at the micro distillery, Midleton, we continue to innovate and experiment with different grains, distillation methods and spirit types and look forward to sharing our creations with the world in the coming years. As a Cork native myself, bringing the spirit of premium Irish gin back to the city has been a personal highlight – and one that I look forward to enjoying being a part of for many years to come.”

First unveiled in February of 2017, the Method and Madness range aims to harness the creativity of Midleton’s whiskey masters through the fresh talent of its apprentices. Taking inspiration from the famous Shakespearean quote, ‘Though this be madness, yet there is method in ’t’, Method and Madness is designed to reflect a next generation Irish spirit brand with a measure of curiosity and intrigue (madness), while honouring the tradition and expertise grounded in the generations of expertise at the Midleton Distillery (method).

Method and Madness Gin is bottled at 43% ABV and is available in Ireland and Global Travel Retail as of March 2019, at the RRP of €50 per 70cl bottle, ahead of a wider release in global markets from July.

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