Bushmills Irish Whiskey is helping to celebrate Irish Coffee Day 2021 with a recipe detaiing the perfect Irish coffee serve, ideal for bartenders looking to brush up on their skills.

First created in the winter of 1943 by Joe Sheridan, a barman and chef, the Irish coffee was given as a welcoming drink to tourists arriving in Ireland from transatlantic flights.

This classic recipe from Bushmills Irish Whiskey balances sweet, malty and smooth Bushmills Original with the intense flavours of the black coffee to create a rich and warming sip.

Give this recipe a try this coming Irish Coffee Day, on Monday 25th January.


  • 35ml Bushmills Original
  • 10 – 15ml demerara syrup (or you can use 1tsp of brown sugar)
  • Black coffee / Americano
  • Double cream float


  • Pre-heat a glass coffee mug using hot water then rinse
  • Make one Americano coffee and pour into the glass, leaving enough space for the cream
  • Add 35ml Bushmills Original and demerara syrup or brown sugar
  • Muddle until mixed and gently add cream float on top to serve

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