Harry Colley, former chef in Fumbally Cafe, has launched a new nut butter aptly named Harry’s Nutter Butter.

Harry trained in Culinary Arts in DIT and then going on to work in many of Dublin’s top restaurants, as well as fine dining establishments in London and San Sebastian. Sharing and sociability is key to a lot of his creations and this is where the inspiration for the nut butter came from.

The idea for the nut butter came when he was working in Fumbally Café, where the butter was a compliment to dishes on the menu. He discovered that people were often asking for extra portions, and from there he decided to develop a standalone product.

Speaking about the nut butter, Harry Colley said: “I don’t remember making it for the first time, I think I was just being bold and trying to sneak chilli into places where it didn’t belong. I love chilli and spice so clearly the nut butter was the vehicle for that obsession.”

He continued: “I feel like the reason people like it is because it’s different. People describe it as a little bit spicy, somewhat smokey, kinda sweet and pretty salty which I think is very accurate. The sudden explosion of nut butters over the last few years means people have come to expect a very specific flavour profile. This nut butter takes you by surprise and makes you rethink the taste and flavour!”

The nut butter is available from stores including The Dublin Food Co-Op and The Village Butcher.

Product is also available to order through Instagram @nutbutterharry and on the website www.harrysnutbutter.com at an RRP of €6.90.

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