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Ireland Takes to the Paris Metro in Tourism Campaign

Millions of French metro commuters are seeing billboard ads for Ireland right now, as part of a campaign to highlight Ireland in Paris.

Tourism Ireland in Paris has teamed up with French airline Transavia (the low cost airline owned by the Air France-KLM group) to highlight holidays and short breaks in Ireland for 2017.

The campaign with Transavia includes some 340 poster ads in almost 200 metro stations, highlighting value fares to Dublin from Paris as well as showcasing the Cliffs of Moher. The campaign also includes online ads on travel websites, as well as a push by Transavia via its website, e-newsletter and social channels.

France is one of the top four markets for tourism to the island of Ireland and 2016 was the fourth record-breaking year in a row for French visitors to Ireland. Tourism Ireland is also undertaking co-operative campaigns with other partners this spring including Aer Lingus, Brittany Ferries, Ryanair and Irish Ferries, promoting flights and ferry services to Ireland.

Almost 20m people in France have been seeing Tourism Ireland’s ads on the main French TV channels this spring (TF1, France2 and France3), as well as on a range of cable channels. An online ad campaign is also under way this month.

Monica MacLaverty, Tourism Ireland’s Manager Southern Europe, said: “Tourism Ireland is committed to working with Transavia, Dublin Airport and other tourism interests, through co-operative marketing, to drive demand for the flight from Paris to Dublin – as we work with other carriers and partners to promote and help maintain routes and services to the island."

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