Insomnia, in partnership with Callebaut, has launched ruby chocolate in Ireland, the fourth type of chocolate to sit alongside the existing dark, milk and white chocolate offerings.

The first coffee shop chain in Ireland to sell ruby hot chocolate, it is made from the ruby cocoa bean with a unique, berry flavour. It also, as its name suggests, is ruby in colour and has the natural tone of the ruby bean. Insomnia have added no berries or berry flavour or colour when preparing the ruby hot chocolate. The new hot chocolate is available as of Friday, March 15th.

Sarah Hartnett, award-winning Pastry Chef Consultant and Callebaut Ambassador, was instore with Insomnia to launch the new hot chocolate. Sarah hosted her Coco Horizons chocolate demonstration to showcase the versatility and flavour of the ruby chocolate.

Ruby chocolate has an intense taste and characteristic reddish color. The cocoa beans are sourced from different regions of the world and is the work of the global R&D centres of Barry Callebaut, based in France and Belgium – part of a global network of 28 R&D centers, the Jacobs University, and over 175 years of expertise in sourcing and manufacturing.

“We are rubyliciously excited to rollout ruby hot chocolate in our Stores,” said Harry O’Kelly, Insomnia CEO. “We are renowned for our hot chocolate and Insomnia’s customers have come to expect a high standard of quality and service from us, including the extending of product lines with innovative, taste fantastic foods. Ruby hot chocolate is no exception, it offers a new taste experience, it’s not bitter, milky or sweet but the perfect combination of fruitness from the berry and a depth of smoothness that raises the hot chocolate bar!”

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