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Industry Leading Polishers from GH Enterprises

GH Enterprises has been supplying the catering industry with quality products since 1999. All their products are geared towards reducing your everyday costs. They are experts in our field and offer the best possible products combined with the best possible service.

Their unique cutlery polisher can reduce labour costs by up to 90%. It dries, polishes & sanitises your cutlery leaving it free from bacteria and also comes with an unbeatable five year parts and labour warranty.

The cutlery polisher can polish from 2,000 to 20,000 pieces per hour. The cutlery polisher is easy to operate, gives consistency of quality and saves on labour while improving the quality of old cutlery and maintaining the quality of your new cutlery.

GH Enterprises also supply glass polishers, which reduce labour costs, the need for polishing cloths and leave your glasses perfectly dry and polished. The glass polisher ensures maximum hygiene and transparency in addition to eliminating streaks.

Their unique cleaning system/decarboniser has many benefits in any kitchen, some of which include: reducing labour costs, removes grease grime and the heaviest carbon from baking trays, pots, filters plus many more. The decarboniser operates at 85 degrees Celsius – hot enough to kill bacteria.

If you require further information on any of our cost saving products or if you would like a free onsite demonstration please contact GH Enterprises on 068 28133, visit or email

Encircle 360 Ltd T/A Food for Thought -, 59 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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