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iASC: The Future of Surf n’ Turf

Flavoured butters aren’t new: the new kid on the block cleverly marries two of Ireland’s most iconic foodstuffs; butter and seafood, writes Barbara Collins.

It’s been described as the world’s first umami butter. Created by the Irish Atlantic Seafood Company, iASC, it won the BIM Seafood Innovation Product of the Year at last year’s Blas na hEireann Awards. Rather than a typical flavoured butter, organic Irish shellfish, foraged seaweed and a trace of paprika are infused into the butterfat of salted Irish butter. This results in an ingredient that amplifies in cooking.

The Cork-based company’s MD Colin Ross says it’s the first in a line of “umami-centric,” gluten free products, the essence of iASC. That’s the fifth taste, which was discovered after WWII when Japanese rations were gobbled up by American GIs who couldn’t understand why their noodles were so addictive. The best translation is “savoury deliciousness”.

“It’s cost-effective because there is zero waste. It accentuates seafood flavours like no other stock, fond or bouillon on the market. Its flavour notes have been described as everything from “the fresh taste of the sea,” to “the future of surf n’ turf”. iASC Irish Shellfish Butter also contains far less salt than traditional bouillons and stocks,” says Colin.

It can be used just like regular butter, which is why it’s so popular in the industry. Currently, it’s being sold to chefs in hotels and restaurants in Ireland, the UK and UAE and is soon to be launched in the USA.

Sales of iASC Irish Shellfish Butter are reaching to 500kg per month and growing.

The company is currently finalising two new butter products, for foodservice launch pre-Christmas: Carmelised Shallot and Asian Infusion, the latter which is short-listed at Blas na hEireann this year, as well as an Umami Gluten Free Fry Crumb, and an Umami Seafood Curry powder.

For more information on Irish Shellfish Butter, visit their website here.

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