Out of the 370 craft beers competing in The Dublin Craft Beer Cup, it was Saison Witbier from Horizont of Hungary that took home the top prize at the Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair on February 23rd.

The saison wheat beer with a citrus aroma was an overwhelming favourite with the 28 independent judges. The Classic Pear Cider from McCashin’s Brewery of New Zealand took home the Dublin Craft Cider Cup, and was sighted for its balance of sweetness and acidity and its pear top notes.

“In the past, stout beers have reigned supreme in The Dublin Craft Beer Cup; we are now seeing the highest quality challenges from other beer types,” said Dr. Gearóid Cahill, head judge of The Dublin Craft Beer Cup and director of brewing science at Alltech. “It was nice to see a new, refreshing wheat beer take top prize this year.”

There was an large range of ciders as well, spanning sweet, dry and even barrel-aged varieties. “We also had some complex ciders with a range of fruit ingredients,” said Cahill. “The Irish cider producers impressed the independent judges with their overall quality; however, New Zealand swept the board with the only two gold medals, both awarded to McCashin’s Brewery.”

Gold medals were awarded to brews from Ireland, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Spain and Hungary. A full list of gold, silver and bronze medal winners for The Dublin Craft Beer Cup and The Dublin Craft Cider Cup can be found here.

“Our three day festival is about celebrating the craft brews industry, and it gives us an opportunity to showcase what Ireland has to offer,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder and president of Alltech. “It is more than just a craft beer festival; with craft cider, craft spirits and craft wine, there’s something here to tempt all taste buds.”

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