Hundreds of candidates have applied for the unique position of caretakers on Greak Blasket island, Co. Kerry, one of the most westernly points off the coast of Ireland.

Applications have come in from around the world for the two available jobs, whose duties include managing accommodation and a coffee shop on the island between 1st April and 1st October this year.

The responsibilities include providing food and accommodation services and looking after three cottages, which can accommodate up to 21 people at a time. The island is off the grid meaning there is no electricity, wifi or hot showers.

Instead, there are gas hobs in the cottages and coffee shop, and a small wind turbine that can power one device at a time to ensure the island isn’t completely cut off.

The ideal candidates should either be close friends or a couple, and both must have a good level of fitness and good people skills.

The island was known to be inhabited as far back as 1597 and reached a population peak of 176 in 1916. It then steadily declined until the final inhabitants were evacuated by the state in 1953 over safety concerns.

Last year, couple Lesley Kehoe and Gordon Bond took up the position and generated significant social media interest by documenting their time as caretakers.

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