Hotels and guesthouses are extremely concerned about the financial impact of the decision by the Government to bring forward the reintroduction of Covid restrictions, according to the Irish Hotels Federation (IHF).

The hotels sector will now be in effective lock-down from the 27th December, over a week earlier than expected. Describing the impact on the sector as a financial body blow, Tim Fenn, Chief Executive, Irish Hotels Federation, said businesses throughout the sector now face enormous additional financial losses at a time of continued economic uncertainty.

Mr Fenn said: “The implications of ongoing restrictions are nothing short of devastating for our sector. Government supports to date have fallen short and not gone far enough in recognising the full extent of the economic impact on our sector. Traditionally, the Christmas trading period is absolutely vital for sustaining hotels during the first few months of the following year. Now, that revenue too is gone with today’s announcement.

“Our sector has made phenomenal sacrifices to ensure public health is the number one priority, and we will continue to play an essential part in keeping the country safe. This must go hand in hand with sufficient economic supports for hotels and guesthouses, including a substantial and simplified Emergency Grant support package based on drop in business turnover.”

“A failure to support the industry now will have ramifications for the future of Ireland’s tourism offering and for the economy that could take decades to remedy. This is about thousands of tourism businesses that supported almost 270,000 livelihoods prior to Covid. The Government must now come forward with a coherent, sector-specific programme of supports and measures to secure the long-term financial sustainability of hotels and guesthouses throughout the country.”

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