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Whether it’s through working in a high-end hotel or a local pub, working in the hospitality industry is incredibly demanding. As such, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in the States, the hospitality industry has one of the highest staff turnover rates at 73.8%. Some people simply can’t hack the demands of the job, while others can.

As such, those that do remain working in the industry certainly deserve the rare reward of having time off from what is a demanding job. For chefs, bar staff and baristas, alongside a range of other roles in the industry, there are numerous ways to relax and unwind in the best way possible. Many of them involve some commonly explored entertainment options from today, too.

Playing games is a great release

If you’ve got the day off and fancy doing something unproductive, then playing games is a great option for people. Millions of people turn to gaming in times of need, be it doctors after working a busy hospital shift or police officers after a grueling day on the beat. These days, gaming has never been so good either. There are top PlayStation 5 games to sample on the hugely sophisticated console machine, such as Elden Ring and Devil May Cry 5, you can even play games on Netflix after catching up on your latest show, and mobile and tablet games are extremely popular also, with people able to experience everything from titles like Brotato to fruit-themed slot games like Berry Burst. Whatever your preferred gaming products are, there are a wealth of options available. Gaming is, therefore, a favored choice for many and represents the perfect antidote to a long and potentially stressful day.

There are some top movies on Netflix right now

Although Netflix’s aforementioned move into gaming has added another layer of entertainment to the much-loved streaming service, the vast majority of people who use it watch movies and television shows. For hospitality staff wanting to immediately jump on the sofa and do nothing, then there are some viable movie-watching options that are receiving glowing reviews at the moment. At the time of writing, some of the top movies to watch on Netflix include His House, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Luther: The Fallen Sun, The Power of the Dog, Hustle, and Uncorked. In terms of television shows, the options are also extensive, from Beef and Sweet Tooth, to You and Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

Reading is a go-to option for many

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If staring at a screen for three hours after a busy period at work doesn’t appeal, then reading a book and enjoying some peace and quiet might do. Luckily, whether you prefer hardback copies or you use an Amazon Kindle for your reading adventures, there are some great books that are receiving excellent reviews in 2023. For book lovers, there is never a shortage of worthwhile titles to tuck into for an hour or two after a challenging day in the kitchen. At the moment, some of the must-read books include Old Babes in the Wood, Victory City, Shy, The Hike, The Last Devil to Die, A Day of Fallen Night, Spare, and Thunderclap.


Due to the challenging nature of working in the hospitality industry, it’s important everyone on the team relaxes with the most appealing entertainment options. Given the typically long hours and the tiring nature of the job, it can be easy to lose track of the latest games to sample and movies to watch. After all, given the big turnover of people in the industry, hospitality staff deserve the best.

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