Honey-based Alcoholic Drink Released to Market

Karen ONeill founder of Beekon alcoholic drink

Beekon, a new honey-based alcoholic drink, has been released to the Irish market.

Produced in Ireland, Beekon was developed by company founder Karen O’Neill and contains only honey, water and yeast with no additives, sulphites, sulphates or colourants.

Billed as a ‘honey refresher,’ Beekon is unique in its production and taste and comes in at 5% ABV. Beekon is available in two flavours – Classic Beekon contains Argentinian wildflower honeyand there is also a ginger and lime flavour alternative.

Speaking about our new product, founder Karen O’Neill said: “I have nearly twenty years’ experience in the global drinks industry. Down through the years, I have recognised the need for change. People no longer consume products blindly, they want to know they are being good to themselves while also making a positive contribution to the world around them. Eating and drinking has become a huge part of this process. Beekon offers an alternative to those who want to experience great taste in the most natural way possible.”

Beekon is available now in select bars and hotels across Dublin & Belfast.


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