Heinz Sparks Twitter War with Mayochup

Heinz, probably best known for its ubiquitous ketchup, has triggered an all out social media war with its latest product - a combination mayonnaise and ketchup condiment called mayochup.

While it's a relatively well known combination in Ireland (better referred to as burger sauce), the idea has incited strong feelings on Twitter where it was initially announced. An online poll was started, with the promise that if it closes with 500k votes in its favour, then mayochup would indeed make its way to America. A few days and 680k yes votes later, and mayochup will soon be on store shelves in the US.

Business Insider succinctly put it with the intro: “’Mayochup’ is the hybrid condiment you never knew you wanted,” later saying: “this beige-coloured condiment isn’t a prank.”

Twitter users from Puerto Rico were particularly put out, noting that it's a common sauce in the region. “And we invented it ages ago,” one Puerto Rican user tweeted. “Too late Heinz.”

In a slight climb down, Heinz is currently seeking an alternative name to mayochup and is inviting suggestions over on its Twitter page.

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