Bodega Brands has announced its premium ready-to-drink (RTD) product, Hecho Tequila Soda, has entered into a strategic partnership with Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) – one of the leading wholesale beverage distributors in the United States, to carry out Bodega’s market expansion strategy in Texas and Colorado.

Hecho has recently successfully expanded into California, Michigan, Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, Nevada and Massachusetts. This new expansion highlights Hecho’s overall growth strategy in an effort to expand their product offerings to new and emerging markets.

“On behalf of RNDC, we couldn’t be more excited about the latest partnership with Zack and the wider team over at Bodega Brands,” said Steve McLane, State Director of Sales Marketing (TX) for RNDC. “Hecho Tequila Soda is extremely versatile as it can be consumed right out of the can or made into your own custom cocktail such as a signature Hecho margarita, paloma or mimosa. In sum, Hecho is made for tequila lovers by tequila lovers.”

Hecho Tequila Soda is made in Jalisco, MX with 100% blue agave tequila and natural lime flavor. The ‘better for you’ product has only 96 calories, is gluten free, and does not contain any sweeteners or carbohydrates. A differentiator for the product is that it can be consumed right out of the can or made into a custom cocktail.

The RTD segment grew 43% in 2020, according to an article from Beverage Dynamics. The segment is projected to have a compound annual growth rate of 21.8% from 2019 to 2024. This is largely due to the fact that RTDs are honing in on the premiumization trend.

“We are thrilled to have such a reputable distributor partner on board to help take Hecho Tequila Soda to new heights,” said Zack Lister, CEO of Bodega Brands. “We know that we are in the best hands possible and look forward to continuing to grow both our overall footprint and partnership with RNDC in the years ahead.”

Looking ahead, Bodega and Hecho have a goal of continuing with expansion plans across North America through 2022, targeting additional markets and also growing its direct-to-consumer website.

The product comes in a pack of four-12 fl oz cans (5% ABV) with a suggested retail price of $10.99.

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