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Have You Ever Thought About Where Your Coffee Comes From?

“Have you ever thought about where your coffee comes from?” This is the question that Java Republic recently challenged their customers to ask themselves. The truth – not many people have thought about it, and Java Republic has set about trying to change that.

On 20th September 2018, Java Republic hosted an event at their cosy café on Molesworth Street. As guests walked through the door, they stepped into an experience like no other. Java Republic brought Rwanda to this hidden gem of a location in Dublin city centre. As the rain poured down, the guests continued to arrive and were instantly immersed in a culture that was far removed from a typical Thursday in the middle of the after work rush hour.

Why Rwanda? As coffee innovators, Java Republic’s team of experts is regularly creating new coffee blends to share with everyone. At the start of the summer, a team from Java Republic set off on a “coffee origin trip” to Rwanda, in search of new tastes and innovations. They came away, not just with a new coffee blend, but with an experience that would stay with them for ever. Blown away by the farming communities that they met over there, they pledged to support them in any way possible. Not just financially, but in helping to share their story with the world.

On the night, guests heard the experiences of those who had travelled to Rwanda first hand. David McKernan (founder of Java Republic), Vini Arruda (Coffee Development Manager) and Kieran White (Java Republic Distributor for the South-West of Ireland) shared their stories with the guests, highlighting the lives of the coffee farmers and the reasons why they need support. Alongside this, the new coffee blend RuCo was launched and guests got to sample it in a variety of ways.

The lucky guests were also treated to a variety of exotic treats and canapés, such as chicken tinga, Jollof Rice with chicken and African sambusa, as well as espresso martini with RuCo and a non-alcoholic RuConic cocktail, in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, accompanied by Rwandan music.

The night was a resounding success and marks what may be the first of many, as Java Republic regularly travels to origin and has plans to create more new coffee blends down the line.

Afterwards, David McKernan commented: “We are so excited to have hosted this event. We do a lot to support coffee farmers, but this was an opportunity to go even further by sharing their story with others. We visited Rwanda in May and we will be going back there next year to increase our level of support. We are privileged to be in a position to go on these coffee origin trips as they give us a chance to get to know the farmers on a personal level, in a way that would not be possible otherwise.”

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