As part of International Coffee Day this coming 25th January, a Guinness World Record attempt will be made in Dublin for the most Irish coffees prepared in under three minutes.

The challenge is being hosted by the Old Storehouse in Temple Bar in association with Paddy Irish Whiskey, and will see four bartenders go head to head for the record.

This will be the first Guinness World Record attempt to make the most Irish coffees within a specific amount of time. Previously, the cocktail has been used for a number of world records such as the World’s Largest Irish Coffee which stands at a 234 gallons, and for the most Irish coffees sold in a day which was 2,223 in San Francisco.

The event will be open to all members of the public from 11am – 2pm.

George Roberts, Country Manager with Hi Spirits Ireland, said: “The importance of the Irish Coffee drink cannot be understated, it is a stepping stone into the Irish Whiskey category that appeals to a wider audience than any other drink. If it is made correctly, presented correctly, and the flavours are balanced together in harmony, it will convert many people to not just being Irish coffee fans but Irish whiskey fans.”

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