Grow It Yourself (GIY) are currently looking for a front of house manager to head up their on-site café in Waterford.  Last year, the social enterprise supported over 150,000 people to grow food for the first time at home, school, work and in the community.

Started by Michael Kelly in 2008, the organisation shows people how to grow their own food and is involved in a variety of public driven activities, ranging from educating school children on the benefits of healthy home grown food to cookery classes using produce grown on the grounds, all hosted on their three acre site.  The grounds also include a kitchen garden, farm shop and cookery school – all of which play a role in breaking down barriers between where food is produced and consumed.  “Our mission is to get people back to growing some of their own food to get them healthy and to help them to really reconnect with their food,” explained Michael.

The 65 seat café and restaurant opened its doors to the public in October 2016 after Waterford City Council donated the site.  Overlooking the kitchen garden, in an open plan and bright environment, customers can see where the produce was grown before reaching their plates, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

To emphasise the relationship of the garden to the kitchen, only seasonal food produced on the grounds are served in the restaurant.  As Michael explained: “We want to be hyper-authentic with organic food and true seasonality”.  He also said that during winter and late spring, with an obviously narrower range of fruit and vegetables available, kitchen staff have to very creative.

The organisation defines itself as a not for profit, in that it is not reliant on government grants and funds itself through selling products and services.  A key factor in this success is what Michael calls “The engine of income” of the whole location – and the new role of front of house manager will play a massive role in this.  Michael is looking to hire someone who is professional and enthusiastic for this role.

Ideally they would be experienced in a senior role in hospitality and would also recognise that they are the first point of contact for engaging with customers, to potentially educate and include them in the conversation as to what GIY does.  This role is an exciting opportunity for the right candidate, in an innovative and dynamic environment, set in a completely unique organisation with an upbeat and hard working culture.

[quote_box_center]If you are interested in the front of house role with GIY please send a CV and cover letter to[/quote_box_center]

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