Grace O’Malley Reveals Rum Cask Irish Whiskey

Grace O’Malley Irish Spirits has revealed a limited release, premium Irish whiskey, Grace O’Malley Rum Cask Irish Whiskey – a blended Irish whiskey finished in rum casks.

Grace O’Malley Rum Cask Irish Whiskey is created from a blend of malt and grain whiskeys. This special blend combines multiple batches of whiskey of varying age statements up to ten years to deliver a balance of fruitiness, age character, complexity and smoothness.

Unique in Ireland due to its high content of double distilled (40%) and triple distilled (6%) malt, the whiskey is finished in rum casks to create a distinctive, flavoursome whiskey.

Responsible for the decisions at every step in the ageing, finishing and blending of Grace O’Malley Whiskeys is world renowned spirits expert, Master Blender, Paul Caris.

Grace O’Malley Rum Cask Irish Whiskey is finished in wet casks from Jamaican and Barbados rums to give an added spiciness. According to Caris: “The rum barrels used in finishing this blend enhance the mouthfeel of the whiskey, adding layers of flavours and depth to the whiskey for an extra-long finish.”

Tasting notes reveal tropical fruits on the nose with hints of fudge and ripe banana. A creamy mouthfeel gives way to lingering hints of rum.

Bound in a hand-tied leather label, Grace O’Malley Rum Cask Irish Whiskey retails at €64.99.


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