Workplace catering company Gather & Gather has been awarded the catering services contract for University College Dublin.

The new Gather & Gather service will include an artisan coffee bar as well as the main restaurant in the Gerard Manly Hopkins building at UCD in Belfield.

The third level education space is a new venture for Gather & Gather which has recently expanded the offering of the business by launching new services such as Delivered, am on-demand workplace delivery service.  Plans are also afoot for consumer-facing outlets.

Pauline Cox, Director of Gather & Gather Ireland, said: “The UCD offer focuses on innovation, underpinned by the consistency of quality. We are bringing Gather & Gather’s unique signature food styling with the focus on local ingredients to campus. Our culinary team are highly creative and knowledgeable in terms of keeping food innovative, exciting and nutritious. All attributes which we believe will be welcomed by students and staff of UCD.”

The UCD Gather & Gather Coffee Bar was developed by Gather & Gather Head of Coffee, Julia Murray, to showcase the best local Irish roasters. Julia said: “We have selected a house blend and rotate guest blends through the menu from select Irish roasters. Our baristas are professionally trained and maintain a focus on the craft. A key attribute of Gather & Gather has always been our mindful efforts towards sustainability. We have always been huge advocates for encouraging the use of reusable cups through the Conscious Cup Campaign and we have COVID-compliant measures in place to continue that on-campus.”

An new addition to UCD with the arrival of Gather & Gather is the Residencies Project, a partnership that will see local chefs, café owners and restaurateurs partake in a brief residency within the main restaurant to showcase signature dishes.

Mark Anderson, Culinary Director of Gather & Gather, said: “The Residencies Project is an initiative that serves to keep our offering fresh and exciting and brings the best of the high-street to UCD. We see it as a think-tank of cutting-edge experts at the forefront of what’s hot in food, nutrition, sustainability and creative food design, who we gather together to re-imagine Campus dining and help create healthier and more productive students. We believe that food residencies enable chefs to be bolder and braver with their concepts, and what better place to introduce a residency than a progressive and open-minded UCD. We know students are adventurous eaters, and the UCD residency will allow Gather & Gather to bring on-trend and future trends to students.”

Gather & Gather also plans to open a new concept called Toastas which Mark describes as “a posh toastie” offering.  The toasted sandwich counter will use sourdough bread and homemade fillings for their toasties.

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