Gather & Gather Ireland has launched Delivered by Gather & Gather, a physically-distant workplace dining service which delivers across Dublin.

A wide selection of food options are available which are safely produced, individually prepared and packaged, and delivered contact-free to workplaces. Gather & Gather’s mission is to bring food and people together, and this new service allows companies to continue to provide their teams with high quality food regardless of how the physical workplace has changed. Each dish uses locally sourced and seasonal ingredients and is designed to make workplaces and teams healthier and more productive.

The service also offers a care package option which is sent directly to an employee’s home, so businesses can provide food to their teams while they are working from home. These options can range from standard meals to tailored packages for Zoom parties or just a little ‘pick-me-up’ for staff members.

Pauline Cox, Managing Director of Gather & Gather in Ireland, said: “Office life has changed for the foreseeable future. For business leaders, our clients have more to navigate than ever before. We believe that providing food in the workplace is a key move towards keeping offices safe in this new era of social distancing. Rather than leaving the office for lunch, it’s a good strategy to have employees stay put by providing them with meals and snacks – this is now more than a perk, providing great food is prudent management.”

For more information on Delivered by Gather & Gather call 087 4574027 or email

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