Gardaí Close Donegal Bar Offering Local Drink Delivery

Gardaí have stopped O’Flaherty’s Bar in Buncrana, Co. Donegal, from operating its local drinks delivery service.

The pub had been delivering pints of Guinness to customers by car and even by bicycle on some occasions since the lockdown began, calling it the ‘Guinness Express’ service. The bar had been taking preorders during the day, and delivering in the early evening. Every pint was individually sealed before being dispatched.

However, two patrol cars, one undercover Garda, one sergeant, and one uniformed Garda raided the pub on 16th May and confiscated 20 pints of Guinness that were ready to be delivered locally. Gardaí said they had received complaints about members of the public about the service.

The pints were later returned, untouched, on Tuesday 19th May. It is unclear what law was being broken by the service.

The pub’s owners have refunded any customers who prepaid for their pints.


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